How to Track Everything Your Web Browser knows About You?

How to Track Everything Your Web Browser knows About You?

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All the major software you use in your daily life are designed to work based on your activities. A web browser is the most common software in this list. Whenever you open a web browser, it starts tracking every single mouse click, mouse movement, typing, date, duration, session and time etc. You will be surprised to know that even the incognito windows are getting tracked by your browser.

When you open an incognito window the browser can not identify your location but they collect a ton of other data. For example, where your mouse is hovering and when you open a private window etc. Problem? Yes, it is annoying, why do the browser tracks you when you want to be totally private? There is no way to become totally private when it comes to internet browsing. The only way is to unplug all the network cables, which is not a good idea.

The other way is to be aware of what information is being tracked. There are two simple ways to track whatever your web browser knows about you.

How to check Everything Your Web Browser Tracks About You?


This is a simple and funny website experiment called “Click”. Whenever you open this link, A cascade of information will start to stream down your web browser, from the number of cores your computer has to the movements your mouse makes. For a better experience, you need to turn on the sound, increase the volume little bit to hear it clear.

Click Tracking

The website compares your activity with the activity of other web users. It even guesses information such as your gender from the way you use the website.

You can check all the information tracked by the website on its achievement page. Though it looks like a playful web toy but it will give you a basic understanding about how the data that’s being picked up while you browse the internet.

2. Webkay

This website displays a very detailed list of everything web sites can track and guess about you, without asking any permission, based on the data reported by your browser. This is a very helpful tool because it not only explain what information is collected but also provides tools you can use to prevent some of the leaks from happening.