How To Get Rid of Annoying Facebook Friend Suggestions?

Lately, the suggest friend features used to work fine by recommending friends of your friends (Mutual friends)

How To Get Rid of Annoying Facebook Friend Suggestions?

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Facebook is essentially a social networking website where you can easily connect and interact with your friends and family. But, there are still many friends and relative on the facebook who are not in your friend list because you don’t know about their facebook account. To make connecting with them easier, Facebook has a so-called ‘Suggested Friends’ feature.

Lately, the suggest friend feature used to work fine by recommending friends of your friends (Mutual friends). It was easier for facebook to suggest people you may know using mutual friends algorithm. But, that algorithm was enough to suggest friends because many of your friends can also turn off the friend list visibility.

So the ‘Suggested Friends’ feature has begun recommending random people as suggested friends. You may want to know that how facebook can suggest random people as friends. It is done by your smartphone’s location to suggest nearby Facebook users. This generally happens when two users, who are at the same place at the same time, use their smartphones to either check-in to the place, or just scroll through what their friends might have shared on the website.

As privacy-intrusive as this is, it’s easy to disable the functionality. All you have to do is prevent Facebook from accessing your smartphone’s location. Here’s how to do it, on both Android and iOS.


To stop facebook friends suggestion on your iOS phone, you just have to go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Facebook. From the given options, select Never. This will help in getting rid of those irritating suggested friend requests.


For Android users, the process of stopping Facebook from accessing the phone’s location varies based on the Android version. For those using Android Marshmallow, just go to Settings > Apps > Facebook > Permissions > Location > Off. This will prevent Facebook from accessing your phone’s location.

If you are using an old version of Android, the only solution is to access Facebook from the Chrome browser and not the official app.