Xiaomi Mi VR Play – Most Affordable VR Headset

The Mi VR Play costs just $15. It supports Google Cardboard app and youtube 360 videos

Xiaomi Mi VR Play – Most Affordable VR Headset

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2016 was an exciting year for virtual reality lovers as we have seen a lot of VR headsets this year and a huge drop in their pricing. Virtual reality products are becoming very popular but many people are still struggling to buy them. Many VR devices are there in the market and people are not sure about their quality, pricing, and features.  A week ago, Xiaomi launched the most affordable VR headset, ‘Mi VR play’ in the market with less than $15 price tag. In this article, we will see if this VR headset is ready to fulfill your needs or not.

The Mi VR Play costs just $15 which is the same as Google Cardboard. And like Cardboard, the VR Play supports any phone with a screen size between 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches. All Google Cardboard compatible smartphones are supported by Mi VR Play. The aim of Mi VR play is simply to better the experience of holding up some cardboard and lenses to your face.


Mi VR Play - Affordable VR headset

Mi VR Play Design

The shell of the Mi VR Play is made out of Lycra, which makes it low weight and more comfortable to wear for a long duration. It weighs around 209g, which is less than most Plastics based VR headsets. There is a Google Cardboard V2 compatible round button at the top for navigation which works very well. The headset features anti-reflective aspheric lenses which provide very clear picture view. There is two-way zipper at the front where you need to insert your phone by undoing the two-way zipper. You can adjust your phone while using it, there is an uncovered area at the front to adjust the phone.



Xiaomi Mi VR Play lenses

The Mi VR play has 34 mm anti-reflective aspheric lenses without adjustable IPD and adjustable focal length but the lenses are perfectly fit and there is no requirement of lens movement.

Field-of-view is average but it’s good. If you haven’t tried any better VR yet, you will have no issue. It works well with iPhone 6 and Redmi note 3, Mi 4 etc.


For Chinese users, Mi VR Play comes with a dedicated app that includes a selection of 360-degree videos from Youku, China’s equivalent of YouTube, Conde Nast Traveller, and others. It supports 360 videos of youtube for international users.

If you are not from china, you can just download the Google Cardboard app and have fun.All apps and games designed for Google Cardboard work just fine on the Mi VR Play.


The great thing about this product is that it costs just $15. A few websites provide it even less than $15. If you like this product you can buy from Mi Store.

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If you are having low budget and looking for branded VR headset, Mi VR Play is made for you.