Windows 10 could get a ‘Game Mode’ feature to improve Gaming Performance

The game mode feature will prioritize game performance.

Windows 10 could get a ‘Game Mode’ feature to improve Gaming Performance

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Most of the gaming PCs are powerful enough to run many games smoothly like PlayStation 4 or Xbox one. The most common problem we face in a gaming PC that the other software running in the background can lower the performance. New versions of Windows operating system are coming up with a lot of new applications which mostly runs in the background. If you bought a computer for gaming purpose and if you are not getting good performance than it’s truly disappointing.

According to the new report, Microsoft is working on a new feature for Windows 10 called ‘Game Mode’  that improves performance when playing PC games. It is assumed to be a switch to disable many background activities while playing games. This feature will turn the PC into truly gaming PC.

According to a Twitter user WalkingCat there is a  dll file called “gamemode” in the latest build of Windows 10 (version 14997). A subsequent tweet notes it “looks like Windows will adjust its resource allocation logic (for CPU/[graphics] etc.)” for the purpose of prioritizing game performance.

According to the Windows Central,

Microsoft is working on a brand new “Game Mode” feature for Windows 10 that will enhance the PC gaming experience by minimizing resources used by running apps to almost nothing and allocating freed up resources to the game, making it run faster, better and smoother overall.

There is no official statement from Microsoft about ‘Game mode’ feature but it is expected to be available once the build will be released as windows 10 update. It is also unclear if Game Mode will work with all Win32 games from the likes of Steam or Origin, or if it’ll be limited to games from the Windows Store (Though, there is no need for a game mode for windows store games like candy crush soda).

But one thing is for sure that Microsoft is keeping in mind about gaming for further Windows 10 updates, which sounds exciting.